Command line options

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The options you write in the command line when running the program, eg. "Titlevision.exe nologo"


Nologo = Run the program without the Titlevision splash screen:





Convertfile = Convert file

Convertdirectory = Convert whole directory


Sub Machine can be run as a command line converter without any visuals. Run the program using the parameter "convertfile" and then name of the input file and output file.



Titlevision2011.exe convertfile "filer\softel swift\XIF import sample.XIF" "filer\Srt files\XIF import"

will convert a .xif file "XIF import sample.XIF" to the .srt file "XIF import"  in two different directories.


You can also convert an entire directory at a time:

Titlevision2011.exe convertdirectory "filer\Batchtest\" "filer\Batchtest\output\" AppleFinalCutPro

will convert all subtitle files from the relative folder "filer\Batchtest\" and put them in the "filer\Batchtest\output\" folder as AppleFinalCutPro .xml files.


The syntax is:

Titlevision2011.exe convertfile SourceFile DestinationFile OptionalTypeName

Titlevision2011.exe convertdirectory SourceDirectory DestinationDirectory TypeName



Titlevision2011.exe convertfile "c:\test.usf" "c:\test.xif"

Titlevision2011.exe convertfile "c:\test.usf" "c:\test.xif" SwiftXIF

Titlevision2011.exe convertdirectory "c:\source\" "c:\destination\" AppleFinalCutPro