Cut, copy and paste

Pop-up menu: Edit/Cut, Copy, Paste

Ribbon menu: Edit/Clipboard/Clipboard/Cut, Copy, Paste | Home/Clipboard/Cut, Copy, Paste

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You can cut, copy, and paste a whole title or a range of subtitles with or without time code. You can copy individual words and phrases as well after marking them with shift+arrow.


A whole subtitle cut/copied from the context window will always be pasted as new subtitle. Individual words will be copied into the current subtitle.



In the time code windows (cue windows), the whole time code will be copied/pasted, no matter what you mark or don't mark. You may also copy the running time code from its own window, but you can't paste anything into it.



Text from clipboard:

If the amount of text exceeds the number of lines selected under Miscellaneous settings, it will be split up into several new subtitles. You can import HUGE amounts of text as subtitles this way.


warning Please note: This feature does not work if Options/Setup/preferences/show safe areas exceeded is ticked.


hotkey Ctrl+X = Cut

hotkey Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert = Copy

hotkey Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert = Paste


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