Dash with or without space

Pop-up menu: Setup/Preferences/Toggle settings/Dash with space

Ribbon menu: Options/Setup/Preferences/Toggle settings/Dash with space

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(default: with space)


Dashes (hyphens or en-dashes) may be set according to two traditions:


1) In Danish public service stations subtitles there is always a space after dialog dashes:


- I love you.

- Vice versa.


And before/after continuation dashes:


I'm sure he is a nice man -


- but I still don't like him.



2) Some, however, prefer to drop the space to gain an extra character:


-I love you

-Vice versa.




I'm sure he is a nice man-


-but I still don't like him.


The choice made will be reflected in the Toggle dash and merge/split routines.



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