Differences between PU2000 and PU2020 files

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The name is the same, but the contents may vary and look different when aired, so be careful when saving PAC and RAC files.


Tick/untick the Options/Preferences/file settings/pac and rac files box named "Import or export .pac or .rac files" in PU2020 format to show Sub Machine your preference:




Especially the italics brackets may cause havoc. If a PU2000 file is loaded into a PU2020 system, the brackets may show as color codes.


A not so visible difference is caused by dialog and continuation dashes that are hyphens in PU2000 and en-dashes in PU2020.


Only traditional western characters (including Scandinavian vowels) can be saved in the PU2000 format.

PU2020, however, also recognises other characters:


© (copyright sign)

° (degree sign)

§ (section sign)

¥, € (Yen sign, Euro sign)

¢ (cent sign)

# (number sign)

¤ (currency sign)

· (middle dot)

º (Masculine ordinal indicator)

½ (Vulgar fraction one half)

¼ (Vulgar fraction one quarter)

¾ (Vulgar fraction three quarters)

ß (German Double-S)

Þ, þ, Ð, ð  (Icelandic characters)


To see a full list of PU2020 characters, please check the file PU2020ConversionTable.txt in the DATA subdirectory in your TitleVision Sub Machine folder.


Furthermore, where PU2000 operates with 12 lined subtitles, PU2020 accepts no more than 11 lines.


Why a company has made two different formats with the same name is beyond us. Ils sont fous, ces anglais! Toc, toc, toc!



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