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General advices that solve a lot of problems:


Update program.


Shut down your computer completely and restart it before running the program again.


warning Please note: Before attempting to do any changes to your system, you should run a system backup.



Q: I cannot see the Register online program when i click it?
Please check that you are administrator on your machine by following this video:

And make sure that the User Account control is set to default as per the video, ignore the rest of the video.

Also have you been running on more than one monitor/screen?
Then chances are that the program is showing on one of the screen that where previously used.

Q: The characters "ø" and "Ø" are saved as "o" and "O", while "æ", "Æ", "å" and "Å" are saved correctly. When I write "æøåÆØÅ" it reads "æøåÆØÅ" on the screen and is also correct on a print. But as soon I have saved the data in a file and open it again it reads "æoåÆOÅ".

A: That sometimes happens under windows systems using other languages than your current local language (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or similar).
Language locale needs to be set correct in windows:

(Or check the registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nls\CodePage]. If the value of "OEMCP" is 437, change it to 865 and restart your computer.)


Q: Why is my video picture upside down?
A: Because you have installed DirectVobSub or some other codec pack. Get rid of it. Install the LAV codecs or use the converter.


Q: My video is choppy and audio is out of sync. How do I fix this?
A: Select Options/video configuration/video cache and try using hardware resizing.

Q: My video picture has disappeared and I can't get it back, so what do I do?
A: Select Options/layout configuration/reset windows.


Q: My context window has disappeared and I can't get it back via Layout Configuration (unticking "disable context window"), so what do I do?
A: Select Options/layout configuration/reset windows.

Q: Suddenly I can't cue with the Numpad keys. What's wrong?
A: A good guess is that you have accidentally ticked the "Switch in and out cue shortcuts" box in Options/Setup/Preferences/Toggle settings.

Q: Why does the program freeze, when I'm trying to paste text from the clipboard?
A: This feature only works if Setup/preferences/show safe areas exceeded is unticked.

Q: I'm trying to work from my DVD drive, but the program does not seem to agree with it. Why not?
A: You can't work directly from a DVD drive. You must copy the video clip(s) to your hard drive. The program needs to write to the folder with the clip(s).

Q: I'm trying to update the program using help/update program, but something goes wrong. What should I do?
A: There's a slight delay after the download. Be patient. See the update procedure here.

Q: I have set the line break to 39 characters, but sometimes the line breaks at 37 or 38. What's up?
A: The line will always break at the end of the edit window, so an educated guess is that you are using a font that's too wide and/or your window is too narrow. Try changing the window ratio to 16:9 and/or use a narrow font like Arial Narrow. Nowadays most programs actually are 16:9, so if all actors look like Max von Sydow, all clocks and wheels look like eggs, and all cars loook like Trabants, now is the time to change ratio!

Q: I'm cueing a wmv file, and the scene spy works but is one frame off. What to do?
A: Update the program. If that does not work, then either recut the whole shebang one frame when you are through - or change the cue shift value to 1 (or -1 depending on the shift) before you start cueing.

Q: My cursor is not visible! What happens?
A: Try a lower vertical offset value.

Q: The top line is visible in the context window, but it has disappeared from the edit window! What can I do?
A: Set Options/Setup/Layout configuration/Visual settings/Spacing between lines to 0 (zero) and Options/Setup/Layout configuration/Visual settings/Subtitle vertical offset to 99.

Q: Suddenly I can't play video clips. There has been no problem before. What happens?
A: See possible solutions here.

Q: I updated Sub Machine, but it does not seem to work. How do I reinstall the old version?
A: First of all: If the new version does not work, please contact us and let us troubleshoot the problem. But okay - if you do insist, then you must make a clean reinstall. So: Remove every trace of the program. It is imperative that you unregister first and remove the Titlevision folder and registry entries. Only then you can reinstall the old version without problems.

Q: Why doesn't Sub Machine save my work file automatically? I have configured the program to make a backup every minute, but apparently it doesn't.
A: The automatic backup saves a COPY of your work file. It can be retrieved with File/recover backup file, which is normally only necessary after a crash. If you want to save your work file, press F8 or select File/save or click the disk icon. Also: When closing down the program you'll be prompted to save the work file unless you've already done so. Answer yes!

Q: Why do I get the message "error rendering file" when I try to load a video clip?
A: Read all about it here.

Q: How can I save numbered subtitles to a file?

A: Use Manuscript RTF export or select the File/print menu, tick the include subtitle number option and print to a PDF file. If you don't have a PDF writer installed, download one for free from


Q: Sometimes when I load a file and run it in Display Mode, italicized line ends are truncated. Why?

A: On some subtitling systems italics are saved without end markers. Sub Machine require end markers to show italicized lines correctly. The solution is to select Format/RangeEdit/correct italics. All italics within the chosen range will be checked and repaired.


Q: When I'm using the navigational slider, there's sometimes a difference between running time code and superimposed time code, even though I have loaded a perfect MPEG file with no dropped frames. What's going on?

A: That happens when you are using MPEG files. Try pressing Numpad7 or Numpad9 a couple of times and you'll see there is no difference. As always the solution is to convert the MPEG file to MJPEG. The system is tailored to MJPEG files.


Q: Why do I need a shuttle for a laptop computer?

A: Some laptops do not have a numeric keypad. The NumPad is simulated by disabling other keys (u,i,o, j,k,l,m). but then you can't use those keys for word processing. The best solution is a USB shuttle, or you may plug in an extra keyboard. A USB NumPad may be used, but it disables the keys mentioned above on some computers.


Q: Can Sub Machine be used for airing subtitles?

A: No. TitleVision Sub Machine is solely used for preparing subtitles for cinema, video, TV, or DVD. It is not a broadcasting unit for airing subtitles. If you want to see your subtitles, save them in the SRT format with the same name as the clip and watch the clip with eg, VLC player. You may also use the Embed subtitles tool.


Q: Why do I get the error message "Invalid filename" each time the program tries to autosave?

A: You have probably configured the program to autosave in a nonexistent directory or a directory without writing rights. Check Options/setup/preferences/miscellaneous settings.


Q: The keyboard shortcuts don't work and I can't run the help file! What's going on?

A: The program probably has a wrong path in the Configuration.txt file. On XP systems it is located in the C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\Titlevision 2011 folder. Under Vista, Win 7 or Win 8, it is the C:\Users\[Username]\Appdata\Roaming\TitleVision 2011 folder. Locate the key "path" and change it to your TitleVision path, eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\Titlevision Sub Machine.


Q: I need to raise the subtitles one line for movies broadcast in 16:9 format (wide screen). How do I do that?

A: You may make an empty bottom line in each and every subtitle this way:

1) Chose Modes/WordEdit. The program will change to Word mode.

2) Click the Search and Replace icon (if it's not there you have to configure Word to show it)

3) In the search/replace menu's "search for" field write: ^p_

4) In the "replace with" field write: ^p^p_

5) Chose "replace all".<br>

6) Leave Word mode by chosing modes/WordEdit again. Voilà! An empty bottom line in every subtitle!


Q: When I try and open a pac file made on your system on my PU2020 system the italics are not recognized. Why not?

A: The pac files must have been saved in PU2000 format. If you want to save in the PU2020 format, please tick Options/Setup/Preferences/File Settings/Import and export .pac or .rac files in PU2020 format


Q: Why does the system crash when I try to open a text file?

A: The *.txt extension is used for a lot of different text formats.  A readable subtitle file has to be formatted according to certain rules. See "Creating a Text File from Scratch" for details. Or import the text from the clipboard and format it afterwards. That's actually the easiest way to do it.  


Q: I use a maximum of 37 characters, and sometimes the width of the text exceeds that of the edit window. Is there any way around this?

A: Use a narrow font. We recommend Arial Narrow that is installed with MS Word. Also: Chose the 16:9 format which makes the edit window wider. Or customize the window size by setting the window ratio to "None".


Q: A rac file made with your system won't be read by my employer's old PU2000 system. What's the matter?

A: A good guess would be that you have made the very first subtitle (number zero) too long. Apparently old PU2000 systems have a limit of 128 characters per subtitle. Furthermore, if your subtitle consists of more than one line you will have to perform an additional deduction of 3 characters per line. Eg. A five lined text should not exceed 113 characters in length.


Q: I try to recut a range and gets the message: "Recut cancelled due to negative time code result". What's up?

A: You are probably trying to recut subtitles with no time code value or a time code value of zero. Check for empty subtitles (usually the last ones) and delete them or exclude them from the range.


Q: I have a file in one of the accepted formats and I can't open it. Why not?

A: Maybe it was made on a third party system - who knows? Anyway, should you encounter this problem, please e-mail the file to TitleVision (we'll want it anyway for analysis), and we'll return a readable file for you ASAP.


Q: Nothing in the menus seem to work except "Save". What's wrong?

A: You are in Display Mode where most functions are disabled. Change to Edit Mode.


Q: I just formatted my hard drive and reinstalled everything and now I get the message: "This version is unregistered. Please contact TitleVision". Why?

A: You have tampered with our copy protection system. If you bought the system fair and square, see the registration trouble section or do as the message says.