Global check settings
Pop-up menu: Setup/Preferences/Global check settings

Ribbon menu: Options/Setup/Preferences/Global check settings

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The global check routine will check for:


Line too long

If you want line length to follow Screen PU2000 parameters (or user defined Safe Area), this box should be ticked.


Lines with too many characters

Only relevant if you are doing teletext.


Titles with more than 2 lines

This routine also checks for empty lines and PU2000 "ghost lines".


Empty subtitles

More or less self-explanatory.


Twin spaces

Checks for superfluous   space    between     words.


User defined marker (default: *)

You may write notes for yourself or your editor without any fear of your forgetting to remove them again, if you use a special marker each time  and tick this option.


Check italic markers

Checks for "half baked" italics


Inconsistent cues

Check for time code overlapping.


Cues not set

More or less self-explanatory.


Duration too short

Duration less than user defined minimum.


Duration too long

Duration exceeds user defined maximum


Time of exposure too short

Timebar is in left red zone


Time of exposure too long

Timebar is in right red zone or beyond.


Interval too short

Interval value is lower than the minimum set


Interval upper limit violation
Interval value is higher than the minimum and smaller than the upper limit.


Text contains numbers

Numeric characters present




Furthermore, you may enable instant overlap warning here.