Minimum hardware/software requirements

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Sub Machine needs a personal computer with a fast CPU, a modern operating system and plenty of RAM.


Processor: 2 GHz




OS: Windows XP


File system: NTFS (FAT32 may be used, but then recordings are limited to 4 GB)


DirectX: Minimum 8.1


Hard drive: Any size - or as much as you need for movie clips. The program files only take up 38 MB.


Graphics/TV card: Minimum DirectX 8 generation, but DirectX 11 cards for Windows 7 can process video pics much faster than before.


Time code reader: Strictly speaking a time code reader is no longer needed, as time code is generated by the computer in video cache mode. But if you want to be able to do your subtitling the old-fashioned way (from video tape), a time code reader is a must. (Hm... Now the year is 2016, and we don't know of any subtitlers who need a time code reader any more).


Supported time code cards:

Adrienne Electronics (ISA version only)

Alpermann & Velte (ISA and PCI)


A connection to the World Wide Web (on the computer the program is to be installed on)








For a laptop computer without a numeric keypad you must also have an extra keyboard

with a numeric keypad (a loose numeric keypad won't always do) or better still:

A USB shuttle (which may of course be used on desktop PCs as well).

We recommend the ShuttlePro from Contour A/V.



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