How to recompress video clips to usable AVI files using VirtualDub

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If you have recorded a video clip with a Dazzle DVC device (that creates MPEG files) or made a huge AVI file using a non compressing codec, the format has to recompressed for Sub Machine to find the scene changes. You may actually work with MPEG files or extraordinarily large AVI files in Sub Machine, but everything runs considerably smoother if you spend a small amount of time on this procedure (about 10 or 15 minutes per recorded hour):

Open the clip with VirtualDub's dropdown menu choosing File/open video file.




1.Make sure that Video/full processing mode is chosen.




2.Open the Video/compression menu, choose the codec wanted and, if required, configure it via the configure button. We recommend PicVideo MJPEG V2, quality 19 (95%).




3.Open the Audio menu and make sure that AVI audio and Direct Stream copy are chosen.




4.Choose File/Save as AVI, give the file a path and a name and let VirtualDub do the rest of the job.




warning If VirtualDub stops due to an error, it's normally an audio problem. In order to fix that, select audio/error mode/conceal errors.