How to write special characters

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As we have hogged the numeric keypad for video cache control, it is no longer possible to write special characters using Alt+numpad combination (example: Alt+135 = ç).


There are several solutions to this problem:


Use the Unicode characters menu option.


Go into Word Mode and use the Alt+number routine there. The character will be transferred to Sub Machine's edit window when you leave Word Mode again.


Run Notepad and use the Alt+number routine there, copy the character and paste it into  Sub Machine's edit window.


Download the great freeware program Allchars from It makes the writing of special characters a walk in the park.


Allchars also has a macro feature that will save you oodles of time. Imagine you are subtitling a documentary about the separation of church and state and are getting tired of writing antidisestablishmentarianism for the umpteenth time. Well, now you only have to write /a. And you can use it in any Windows program.


warning Because you can write anything in the edit window, be careful not to include characters that will come out as gibberish when your subtitles are aired or transferred to video/dvd.