Scantitling files

Pop-up menu: Setup/Preferences/File settings/Scantitling files

Ribbon menu: Options/Setup/Preferences/File settings/Scantitling files

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Font choice

Here standard fonts for 890 files can be set. The standard primary font for 4:3 files is VFONTL and the standard font for 16:9 files is VF9x16.


Skip first subtitle with zero index when saving file

When saving into the 890 format, the zero subtitle of the PAC format must be deleted. In order to make this happen automatically when saving 890 files, tick the box. Only zero subtitles with start time code 00:00:00:00 and end time code 00:00:00:08 will be deleted. If the in or out time is different, deletion will not take place.


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