Test video cache

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1) If the Adjust Timecode window is open, close it for now by clicking Save.


2) Drag the navigational slider on the slider bar very slowly to the right, till the superimposed time code (if any) starts running.


3) If you already have calibrated time code or don't need to calibrate time code, skip to 5.

Else press Ctrl+DownArrow to make the Adjust Timecode window pop up, drag it to an appropriate position, place the cursor in the "change to" window and write the superimposed time code data here. Click "save".


4) Make sure that the running time code and the superimposed time code are in sync by dragging the navigational slider back and forth.


5) Drag the navigational slider to its leftmost position and press the 5 key on the numeric keypad. The video clip should start playing.


6) Press 9 on the Numeric Keypad several times. The clip should be advancing one frame at a time.


7) Press 7 on the Numeric Keypad several times. The clip should be running backwards one frame at a time.


8) Test other video cache functions now, if you want to.


If you haven't already done it, follow this link to test cueing.