Pop-up menu: Setup/Video configuration/Scene change/Enable thumbnails

Ribbon menu: Options/Setup/Video configuration/Scene change/Enable thumbnails

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When the "Enable thumbnails" field (Options/Setup/Video configuration/Scene change) is ticked and the Previous Subtitle (F11) and Next Subtitle (F12) windows are activated, a series of thumbnails (small still images) are shown whenever a video clip is stopped.






1)First of all, the autorecut value is deducted so that the clip actually stops where you intend it to stop, not where the Stop button was pressed or clicked. In other words: If you see a scene change and want to check it, what is shown in the video window is a picture near the scene change, not a picture about 8 frames later (which would be shown under normal circumstances, not allowing for the subtitler's personal delay).
2)A total of 13 still pictures are shown:
a.In the video window (also known as the edit window): The frame shown when the movie was stopped.
b.In the Previous Subtitle window: The previous 6 frames (as thumbnails).
c.In the Next Subtitle window: The next 6 frames (as thumbnails).





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