How to uninstall time code reader drivers

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Alpermann & Velte:


- De-install the PCL-PCI card from the device manager


- Delete all copys of avpcl32.dll, windrvr.sys and windrvr.vxd from the \windows\ or \winnt\ directory and all of its subdirectories.


- Delete those INF file(s) from \windows\inf or \winnt\inf or one of its sub-directories, that has references to PCL-PCI.  To find the relevant INF file(s), search for the string 'Alpermann+Velte' or 'PCL-PCI'.  Delete the

PNF file that belongs to that INF file, too.


Depending on the PCL-PCI driver and the Windows version you're using , the following steps may be necessary:


- With Regedit delete the class 'Alpermann+Velte' from the registry.  Delete the key {A7F02CEC-F32C-4cf8-875D-1CF3F8ED35BA}, too, if it exists.  To find the relevant entries, search the registry for the string 'Alpermann+Velte'.


- In the registry delete all references to 'WinDriver' or 'windrvr'.


The last two steps are needed to correct a error in the INF file with older driver versions.  Future driver updates will be done by the device manager without the need to start Regedit.






If a device needs to be permanently removed from the registry,  run the 'REGEDT32.EXE' program in the '\system32' subdirectory.


Then delete the WinRT.sys file from the directory C:\WINNT35\system32\drivers\

Change the path if needed for other versions of Windows NT.