Video cache

Pop-up menu: Setup/Video configuration/Video cache

Ribbon menu: Options/Setup/Video configuration/Video cache

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Video resizing

1.Hardware (fast, but lower quality).

 If audio is out of sync or video choppy, select this.

2. Software (slow, but high quality)


Disable display mode activation:

If this option is ticked, Display Mode is not automatically triggered when one of the numbered numpad keys is pressed.


Jump forward/backward:

Default is 5 frames. For time code calibration, a value of 25 (1 second jump) will help revealing dropped frames (if the framerate is 25).


Audio Scrubbing delay:

Default is 0. The higher the number, the more distinct audio is heard during playback. Setting a high value and playing a video clip backward may yield some rather weird results.


Change speed:

Playback rates are defined here. Default is 2,5,10,25,50. The values must be comma-separated integers.




Video clip properties:

1.Video clip volume: Audio control

2.Video clip balance: Audio control


Default start time code:

Format is hh:mm:ss:ff

Default is 0 frames

This value is used for time code generation, but will be overridden by by embedded time code in the video clip or in an .edlv file.


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