Context window preferences

Pop-up menu: Setup/Layout configuration (click on icon)/Context window

Ribbon menu: Options/Setup/Layout configuration (click on icon)/Context window

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Setup/layout configuration/context window


Font: Always identical to the one used in edit window. Restart program to see changes.

Font and background color may be customized to distinguish uncued subtitles.


Center focused subtitle when scrolling: If ticked, the active subtitle will remain centered in the middle of the context window.

Show alignment of subtitles: If unticked, all subtitles will be left-aligned in the context window.


Only one color can be used at a time. Priority is: Note/uncued/teletext. If you are using the color combination above and you have an uncued teletext subtitle with a note attached, it will be yellow. An uncued teletext without a note will be white. A cued teletext subtitle will be light blue. A highlighted subtitle (shown in the edit window as well) will always have the background color.