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A free fully functional 500 hour eval version of the Sub Machine software may be ordered at http://www.titlevision.dk/subevaleng.htm


For security reasons we have set these rules:


1.You must be a subtitling student and/or professional subtitler.


2.You must give us


Your name, phone number, and mail address.


The name, address and/or phone number/email addresse of the professional company/TV station/school you work for. "Freelancer" or "Own company" is not enough.


We give only one evaluation version per person/company/IP address. The version is digitally marked and traceable to the user.


The evaluation version runs for 500 working hours (100, if you have already tried TV2003, Sub Machine's predecessor). There is no countdown when the program does not run, so make sure to close it when you don't use it. When the time is up, the program does not close down unexpectedly, but the next time you try to run it, you will get an error message.


The hours remaining can be seen in the Help/about menu.


warning If you plan to format your hard drive, reinstall/update Windows, or flash your BIOS, you must unregister first. We have no way of knowing how many trial hours you have left, and we do NOT give extra evaluation versions to users who have had a trial more than a month. Because of our security system they wouldn't be able to run on the same computer, anyway. If you want to use the program after a hardware change/crash, you'll have to buy or lease it.


Paying customers will always be helped.



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