Loading video clips

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If you have already prepared your clip with the video clip converter or just want to go ahead without a conversion, there are several ways to load a video clip.


Use the Video/Video controls/Play icon. Click the little arrow pointing downward beside the blue play arrow icon and select the clip you want. If you have a lot of clips, you may find it faster to use the clip browser under the blue arrow instead.

Use the popup menu Video/play and its submenu.

Load a previously saved usf project containing the clip.

Drag and drop a clip into the program from a folder. If you drag a usf file that was created while a video clip was active, both text and clip will be loaded.


If you are testing the system for the first time and don't have any video clips, use the videoclip1.avi sample that you downloaded with the initial setup file. You can also download it from http://www.titlevision.dk/dl/videoclip1.avi


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