Miscellaneous settings

Pop-up menu: Setup/Preferences/Miscellaneous settings

Ribbon menu: Options/Setup/Preferences/Miscellaneous settings

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Reading Speed (Default: 100% = 10 characters per second)

Switch between percent and cps. Include/exclude whitespace characters count. If you find TitleVision's standards for reading speed (see Time Bar) either too slow or too fast, feel free to change them.



Autosave (Default: Enabled, Every 10 minutes, 100 backups per cycle)

If the Autosave option is enabled, the work file is autosaved as a new USF file every X minutes, but only if changes have been made to text or time code. The first backup file is named TitleVisionBackup0.usf, the second TitleVisionBackup1.usf, and so forth, and when the last backup is done, the cycle will start over. You may have up to 10000 (ten thousand) backups! The backup directory is set here.


Backups are recovered with the program's backup recovery routine.


When pasting large text, split lines at X lines (Default: 2)

Upon pasting, large chunks of text may be split into x-lined subtitles of new text instead of always 2 lines.


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