Subtitle file formats

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TitleVision Sub Machine opens and saves subtitle files in six different formats:


RAC - developed by Screen Electronics


PAC - developed by Screen Electronics


The RAC and PAC formats save the contents, time code, position, justification, and italicization of each subtitle. The choice of font is not saved.


There actually are two different RAC/PAC formats. The default is PU2020. If you want to save your files in the PU2000 format, you have to untick the Options/Preferences/File Settings/Import or .pac or .rac files in PU2020 format option. If your italics brackets show up as color codes in other systems, this is what you must do.


890 - developed by Cavena (also called Scantitling format). *


TXT - ANSI text format with or without time code **


Spruce STL format (used for DVD subtitling) - developed by Spruce Technologies


USF - Universal Subtitle Format - developed by





Furthermore, subtitles may be imported or exported in various formats through Pascal script plugins:


Screen Poliscript - import/export


EBU (STL format) - import/export


Bitmaps (Philips DVD format) - export


Subrip (SRT format) - import/export


Adobe Encore (TXT format) - export


Sonic Solutions DVD text format - import/export


Softel Swift XIF format - import/export


Apple Final Cut Pro format - export


Notes - export


DLP - export


Plain text with subtitle numbers - export


Film manuscript - import


DeLuxe coded cinema text - import/export


DFXP for Netflix Timed Text (NFLX-TT) - import/export


Digital Cinema Package (DCSubtitle) - export


RTF manuscript - import/export


RTF subtitle - import/export


SMPTE DCP (Digital Cinema Package) - export


Timed Text Markup Language (TTML) - import/export




More plugins will follow on a need to do basis.


*) TitleVision Sub Machine can also read Cavena's *.870 format if the file is renamed from *.870 to *.890


**) Furthermore, any amount of text may be imported from the clipboard with the paste command.