Test cueing

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1) Load a subtitle file. If you don't have one, load the Dummy2011.pac file in the C:\Users\[username]\Documents\TitleVision\Subtitles directory.


2) If you are not already doing it, run a video clip (or tape - if you haven't left the 20th century yet). If you don't have a clip, go to Test Video Source Clip and follow instructions on how to download one from an url.


3) When the video runs, toggle DISPLAY MODE (default: F3)

 The Mode Indicator in the info column should now say "Display".        


4) Press ENTER on the Numeric Keypad

 The first subtitle should pop up.


5) Press DEL on the Numeric Keypad

 The first subtitle should pop off and the second subtitle pop up.


6) Press INS on the Numeric Keypad

 The second subtitle should pop off.


7) Stop the video, go back and run it again (in Dispaly Mode) and see the cued subtitles pop on and off.


If you haven't already done it, test video cache functions now.