Time code

Pop-up menu: Setup/Preferences/Time code

Ribbon menu: Options/Setup/Preferences/Time code

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Frames Per Second (Default: 25)

NTSC is 30 frames, PAL is 25 (sometimes 24). See Video Standards.




If frames per second are changed this window pops up.


Change framerate

See here.


Auto Recut (Default: 0)

When a time code is entered on the fly there is a reaction time delay (normally between 6 and 12 frames). Setting your personal delay will ensure that the subtitling looks exactly as you intended (especially around scene changes).


Minimum Interval (Default: 4)

It may be difficult to distinguish between subtitles exposed without an interval. We recommend an interval of 4 frames.


Interval Upper limit (Default: 1 minute)

Used with Global Check and Fit Cues to Scene Changes.


Minimum duration (Default: 1 second)

The shortest subtitle time of exposure allowed.


Maximum duration (Default: 7 seconds)

The longest subtitle time of exposure allowed.


Default first out cue (Default: 8 frames)


warning Opening a 24 FPS subtitle file while working with 25 FPS subtitle setting does not immediately affect the subtitles, unless the user starts editing cues or chooses to save in the currently (incorrect) selected FPS setting.


But it is always advisable to start a new document in the correct FPS setting using either a profile or manually setting it, or if it is an existing subtitle file that needs to be converted from 25 FPS to 24 FPS, then open using the 25 FPS setting and use the "change framerate" tool to convert it.



warning If a file does not contain an inbuilt framerate, for instance .asf or certain wmv streaming files, then the framerate to Titlevisions current setting and displays this warning: "Could not determine FPS setting from video clip, instead using the current Titlevision setting". This prevents Titlevision from crashing when trying to calculate time codes based on a nonexisting framerate.



warning Framerate should now be detected automatically on wmv streaming files. Still has Titlevisions own framerate as fallback.