Video file formats

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In the old days everything depended on the users having the right codec installed on their machines, resulting in a thousand heartaches. But those days are over. Now Sub Machine converts any known video format to a nifty standard MJPEG format, simultaneously creating a map of scene ends and an audio graph.


We recommend that you use the converter for all the video files you get. But if you just want a peek or are a very stubborn fan of the old system, the formats mentioned below are loadable (if you have the appropriate codecs installed, eg. LAV codecs):


Mjpeg (*.avi)

Mpeg (*.avi, *.mpeg, *mpg)

Windows Media Video (*.wmv)

Apple's video containers (*.mov, *.mp4)

Quicktime (*.qt)

Martroska (*.mkv)





warning If you have a video clip you can't convert, please mail it to us and we'll look at it. We recommend the free service WeTransfer.