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The only requirement is that you have Microsoft's Word 97 or higher installed. We recommend Word 97. It is faster and ignores italics brackets and dialog dashes. Other versions of Word may not.


Use the Word Mode spell checker by following these simple steps:


1) Click the Word icon on the icon bar. TitleVision 2003 will run MS Word within the viewport without shutting down. Right now several icons will be shown, but only one of these is needed, Word's ABC (spell checking) icon.


If the ABC icon doesn't show, you'll have to run Word first and activate it in the task bar.


2) The work file will be transformed into a Word document in the edit window. When this is done, please click the ABC icon.


3) Do your spell checking just like in Word. If the spell checking window for some reason should disappear, just click the ABC icon again.


4) When the spell checking is done, click the Word icon once more and wait for the system to unload MS Word again. This may take a few moments.


5) The changes you may have made are now part of your work file.


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