Sub Machine - State of the art subtitling tool for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/
Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Created by professional users, Sub Machine offers all the advantages of a video cache prep unit system featuring scene change detection and audio graph.

Interactive overview

Special features:

  • Audio graph
  • Video conversion
  • Profile handling
  • Visual sync
  • Import movie manuscript
  • Import/export subrip (srt) files
  • Video cache
  • Automatic scene change detection
  • Many different skins
  • Auto correct feature
  • Live spell checking
  • No need for time code reader
  • Smart handling of italics
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Use your Word spell checker without leaving the program
  • Text context window
  • Clickable thumbnails of previous six and next six video frames
  • Reads and writes pac, rac, 890, and Spruce STL formats
  • Exports Philips dvd, Adobe Encore text, EBU STL, Screen Poliscript, Sonic Solutions dvd, Final Cut Pro, Digital Cinema Package, Subrip (*.srt) and Swift XIF subtitle formats
  • Imports EBU STL, Screen Poliscript, Sonic Solutions DVD, and Subrip (*.srt) subtitle formats
  • Imports any amount of text from the clipboard, automatically splitting it up into subtitles.
  • Sorting by in cue
  • Separate window for notes for each subtitle
  • Sophisticated split and merge functions
  • Search and replace
  • Cut and paste
  • Use mouse for cueing
  • Recording function
  • Auto recut (deduct personal delay from cue)
  • Instant renumbering
  • Instant deletion of overlapping cues
  • Italicizing/justification/deletion of ranges
  • Font coloring
  • Changing of two connected cues with one keystroke
  • Advanced undoing of deleted subtitles
  • No extra monitor needed
  • No special keyboard needed

Click for comprehensive online manual