TitleVision can always be reached for support

But before you grab the phone and dial +45 20 26 50 02, please try these solutions:

  • Restart your computer.
  • Update your program to the latest version. There's a link on the Download Page.
  • See if there is an answer in the links beneath or the boxes to the right, where some of the most common problems are outlined.
  • Consult our online manual, especially the Troubleshooting and FAQ sections.
  • Send us an email:

Current issues: Please visit our Facebook page. Click this link.

    Always report issues. We can't solve them if we don't know about them.

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How to write special characters
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How to perform a total uninstallation
Fitting cues to scene changes
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How to check version number
Frequently asked questions
Video clip won't play
How to boost system performance
How to combine two subtitle files and sort them by time code
How to calibrate files without superimposed time code
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