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Check spelling: Ctrl+S (redefinable)

Clear line: Shift+Space (redefinable)

 Delete previous character: BackSpace

 Delete next character: Delete

 Delete previous word: Ctrl+BackSpace (redefinable)

 Delete next word: Ctrl+Delete (redefinable)

 Delete line: Alt+Space (redefinable)

 Delete all text in subtitle: Ctrl+Space (redefinable)

 Delete subtitle: Ctrl+D (redefinable)

 Delete to end of line: Shift+End followed by Delete

 Delete to start of line: Shift+Home followed by Delete

 Delete a range of subtitles: Shift+Ctrl+D (redefinable)

Find: F2 (redefinable)

 Go to next subtitle: PgDown

 Go to previous subtitle: PgUp

Go to subtitle no xx: F7 (redefinable)

Go to start: F7+ArrowUp (redefinable) or Ctrl+home

Go to end: F7+ArrowDown (redefinable) or Ctrl+end

 Go to next word: Ctrl+RightArrow

 Go to previous word: Ctrl+LeftArrow

 Go to end of line: End

 Go to start of line: Home

Justify line: Ctrl+J (redefinable)

Justify a range of subtitles: Shift+Ctrl+J (redefinable)

Justify whole subtitle: Alt+J (redefinable)

Merge: Alt+M (redefinable)

Mark word/words for cut, copy or deletion: Shift+Arrow (edit window)

Mark subtitle/subtitles for cut, copy or deletion: Mouse (context window)

 Move first word up: Alt+LeftArrow (redefinable)

 Move last word down: Alt+RightArrow (redefinable)

 Move line up: Alt+UpArrow (redefinable)

 Move line down: Alt+DownArrow (redefinable)

Replace: Ctrl+F2 (redefinable)

Split: Alt+S

Search again: Alt+F2 (redefinable)

Set or remove range of italics: Shift+Ctrl+I (redefinable)

Toggle dash: Alt+E (redefinable)

Toggle italics: Alt+I (redefinable)

Toggle justification: Alt+J (redefinable)

Toggle Case: Shift+Ctrl+C (redefinable)

Undo: Ctrl+Z (redefinable)

Word mode: Ctrl+W (redefinable)