Audio graph

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The audio graph is made by doing a conversion or scanning video content.


The bar is only shown in video cache mode. It's dockable and may be disabled.




The audio graph bar shows

1) Sound graph

2) Cued subtitles

3) Subtitle text - if any

4) Scene ends (the thick non-blue colored stripes). Note that pans, explosions and other radical picture changes may be construed as scene ends by the program. Read about scene change detection here.

5) Seconds (yellow markers=1 second before and after thin white line that corresponds to the video frame shown in the video window).


The graph can be scaled from 10% through 300%. If you want to see the text it must be at minimum 80%, and the text display starts at the penultimate bottom line.


Whole subtitles can be mouse-dragged right or left (blue outline), or you may drag in cue and/or out cue separately. For details, click here.


Colors may be changed via the Options/Setup/Video configuration/audiograph menu:



warning If you leave the cursor near the thin white line in display mode, every exposed subtitle will automatically be highlighted with a blue border.