Visual sync:

How to make a subtitling with a different framerate fit your video clip

Pop-up menu: Video/Visual sync

Ribbon menu: Video/Video tools/Video sync

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1.Open your video clip (preferably with the video converter to make sure the scene ends are found). If there is a visual time code in the picture, make sure to calibrate the running time code to match it.

2.Open or import the subtitle file.

3.To facilitate the sync process it's a good idea to run the correct time code interval routine at this point - especially if the subtitling has no or very small intervals and/or is longer than the video clip.

4.Find the exact spot where you want to place the in cue of the first subtitle and recut.

5.Save your work. Just as a precaution.

6.Now run Visual Sync. We already have the start scene cue fixed via the recut, but do make sure that the start subtitle is the one selected in the dropdown menu under the start scene window.

7.Now we need to fix the end scene time code. In the end scene window, find the spot in the video clip that matches the last subtitle. Do check that the right subtitle is shown in the drop-down menu below the end scene window. When found, click "OK". The Visual Sync Window closes.

8.Now check the video clip to see if the subtitles actually fit. If they don't - typically because of commercial breaks - you may have to split the sync process into several sessions.

9.Save your work. You never know.

10.When everything looks fairly okay, we recommend that you run the Fit Cues to scene changes routine to correct subtitles around scene ends.






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