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These four tests won't teach you the art of subtitling, but they'll show you if the program is working as intended:


System check

Test video source: Clip

Test cueing

Test video cache


If you encounter problems, please check the Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting sections.


If not, everything is working okay. Now go to the Options tab and make your personal choices of layout and preferences.


Check the Techniques Section for further instructions about word processing and cueing.


Also check the Video cache control keys page for more information.


I'm not interested in all your fancy converter, audio graph, Scene Spy and thumbnails stuff.

I just want to work with my hopeless MPEG clips in the old primitive PU2020 way


If you want a visual guide, run this video:


subtitling made easy


Click picture to run video



See also:

Test video source: Tape